Partner of the Week: Programme Education Financière (PEF)

Programme Éducation Financière (PEF) is an initiative by the Ministry of Education in Ivory Coast that provides training and programming on financial education. It targets teachers and all the pedagogical staff accompanying children in their education, students from primary to secondary school, and student’s parents and guardians.

Annually, they reach up to 1500 children, adolescents and young people between the ages of 12 and 18. Their mission is to teach life skills, including financial skills, to children from an early age and to create a world where children become socially and financially responsible citizens.

Our partnership

PEF partnered with Aflatoun International to integrate Aflatoun and Aflateen + curriculum. Thanks to the partnership with the Ivorian Government and the adoption of the National Financial Education Programme (PNEF), they are also incorporating the Aflatot and AflaYouth curriculum in their programmes. The goal is to reach a greater number of children, adolescents and young people.

What does PEF staff like best about the Aflatoun methodology? “It breaks away from the traditional “teacher-centred learning” approach. This truly allows the child to be at the heart of learning. Another thing we appreciate is the contextualisation of the content – this allows each partner to adapt the curriculum to their socio-cultural realities.”


The Aflatoun clubs has reached many children and young people. They have started to build a savings culture. “They not only learn to save a little bit of their pocket money, but also realise that they are saving natural resources,” a staff member shared with us.

Another improvement is the fact that children who participate in PEF’s social and financial education classes, adopt more responsible behaviour which later has a positive impact on their academic performance. Parents tell us about the change in their children.“Children and young people love social and financial education classes. In some schools, we sometimes have more than fifty participants. This is fantastic!,” said a member of PEF’s staff.