Partner of the Week: Ruwwad Al Tanmeya, Jordan

In Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, and Egypt, Ruwwad Al Tanmeya has been working in disenfranchised communities for the past 18 years. Rooted in the principles of community development, education, and grassroots organising, Ruwwad’s mission is to strengthen agency and address the challenges identified by community members. Ruwwad Al-Tanmeya operates as a non-profit organisation, working with communities through four main programmes: Child Development, Adolescent Development, Youth Organising, and Community Support. By investing in education, youth development, entrepreneurship, and social impact projects, Ruwwad aims to create sustainable positive change in the areas of youth organising, child development, adolescent development, and community support.


Partnership with Aflatoun


In 2023, Aflatoun teamed up with Ruwwad in a significant partnership, driven by a common goal of advancing education and enhancing the well-being of young individuals. The choice to collaborate with Aflatoun was rooted in the belief that leveraging their expertise in financial literacy could greatly benefit Ruwwad’s youth and adolescent development initiatives.

Aflatoun’s adaptable curriculum, presented in Arabic and crafted to convey both technical expertise and theoretical understanding, fit well with Ruwwad’s methodologies. This alignment guaranteed the easy integration of Aflatoun’s educational content and tools into Ruwwad’s programs, tailoring them precisely to the specific needs of the intended audience.


Importance of Social and Financial Education in Jordan

In a country with a young population like Jordan, social and financial education plays a crucial role in addressing challenges related to youth employment and opportunity. Ruwwad believes that providing such education can empower young people to secure employment, start businesses, and contribute to the economic growth of the country. Moreover, in the marginalised communities of East Amman, social and financial education becomes a tool for building financial resilience, finding employment opportunities, and leading a life of dignity and well-being.

Ruwwad adopted Aflatoun’s Aflateet and Aflateen curricula to teach social and financial education to the youth. The choice of these curricula reflects Ruwwad’s commitment to equipping young individuals with the necessary financial skills and knowledge to improve their financial well-being.



Aflateet-Inspired Financial Literacy Camp

As part of Ruwwad’s Child Programme, the organisation annually conducts summer and winter camps for children aged 6-13. The summer camp in 2023 centred around basic financial literacy concepts using the Aflateet curriculum. Titled “حصالة… أدخر، أنفق، أشارك” (“Piggy bank… save, spend, share”), the camp engaged 125 children over 8 days.


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