Partner of the week: SIAYA EDUCATION PROJECT

Siaya Education Project (SEP) is located in Kenya and works to provide access to secondary education to as many young people as possible in the Siaya district of West-Kenya.

Removing barriers to attending school

SEP was founded in 2015 and was created to address one of the biggest challenges to attending school in Kenya – costs. Secondary school fees in Kenya are roughly €200. Many parents are not able to pay these yearly fees for their children.

SEP works to cover the school fees of local children and has also implemented our Aflateen+ curriculum. Their Aflateen+ club meets weekly.

Students have a place to explore & discuss

What do the students think of the club?

We asked SEP organisers and they said, “The best thing so far, because we cannot yet measure the outcome, is the sense of joy and freedom that children feel and express, when working amongst themselves in small groups. They discuss and tackle issues that are hardly addresses at home or school, like relationships, sex, spending and saving money and building themselves a tangible dream of a positive future.”

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