Partner of the week: SIF-GROUPE

SIF-Groupe is based in Benin and focuses on financial education and inclusion throughout the country.

Focus areas
Since 2014, SIF-Groupe has been working with local financial institutions and international, regional and local organisations to advocate for responsible financial behaviour. They create campaigns around both Global Money Week and World Savings Day to anchor their messages and raise awareness on savings, budget planning, understanding expenses, entrepreneurship and more.

Connecting financial institutions and children
A great example of the impact of these campaigns is from Global Money Week 2019: SIF-Groupe partnered with a school and a bank to teach children about saving and savings accounts. The project partner offered 20 children age-appropriate savings accounts with an initial deposit of 25 thousand CFA francs (38 euros). This encouraged some school managers to commit to implementing financial education more broadly in their schools.

Our partnership
SIF-Groupe joined our partner network in 2019. One of the first things we will work on together is an educational magazine that combines educational and playful content for children and young people. Our programme content will be contextualised and used in the magazine. The first edition will be released during Global Money Week 2020.

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