Partner of the week: SONBOLA

Sonbola Group for Education and Development is a grassroots NGO based in Lebanon. They aim to provide quality education to displaced persons during the Syrian crisis.


Education for refugees

Sonbola was founded in 2014 and its mission stems from the core belief that every child has the right to quality and inclusive education, including children in refugee communities.

Their approach includes working in both formal and non-formal education and focuses on 21st century skills and contestualized content that addresses both the immediate and long-term needs of students.



Aflatoun and Sonbola have been partners since 2017. Four teachers have been trained and Aflatoun and Aflateen curricula has been used. Roughly 1000 Syrian refugees have been reached through activities like the Little Citizens Club and the Financial Independence & Entrepreneurship workshops.

Furthermore, Aflatoun connected Sonbola with another one of its 300+ partners – Day for Change. Day for Change is a Dutch organisation that focuses on education and active global citizenship. Day for Change participants created fundraisers to raise money for Sonbola.


Meet Mahmoud

Inspired by Aflatoun’s financial education, 13-year-old student Mahmoud started his own business. After learning about financial planning and saving skills, he developed a long-term plan which allowed him to save enough money to start a small homemade sweets shop inside his camp.

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