Partner of the week: Sudanese Coalition for Education for All, Sudan

Sudanese Coalition for Education for All is the organisation established in 2005, working in the field of education, with the aim to unite efforts, share experiences, and enhance the skills of its members and young people in Sudan. The organisation dedicates significant effort in building students’ skills and capacities to support their continuity in the educational journey.  

Our Partnership 

The Sudanese Coalition for Education for All conducted life skills and paradigm shift training sessions using the AflaToun curriculum, which, according to the organisation, has contributed to a reduction in school dropouts. 


Peacebuilding Education Gives Hope Again to Children and their Families 
In the midst of the ongoing war in Sudan, the AflaToun programme made an impact by providing psychological and social support to displaced and refugee children from nine different countries residing in shelters within the Red Sea State. 

With the help of social and psychological researchers, training sessions were conducted in four shelters, utilizing child-friendly spaces where children engaged in activities such as play, drawing, music, and educational theater. Despite the challenges, the programme successfully reached over 700 children across four shelters, fostering a supportive environment in the Red Sea State. 


Children of Sudan underwent a remarkable transformation in mindset and behavior. Before starting the programme, kids drew tanks, warplanes, weapons, wars and destruction, which tells a lot about how tough experiences and hard times affects them at a very young age. But after undergoing the AflaToun programme, traces of war were replaced by drawing blooming flowers and houses as symbols of hope, bringing smiles to the faces of both children and their families. Despite the ongoing war, child-friendly spaces were established, and 30 facilitators were trained, including psychologists, social researchers, and volunteers.