Partner of the Week: Sustainable Development Foundation, Yemen

From Volunteers to Sustainable Development Advocates: The Journey of SDF.

In 2003, a group of passionate volunteers came together, united by a common goal to make a positive impact on the world through humanitarian activities. Their efforts led to a diverse range of experiences, shaping their understanding of the pressing global challenges. Recognizing the need for a more structured approach, the Sustainable Development Foundation (SDF) emerged in 2015, dedicated to aligning its work with the global sustainable development goals and the humanitarian response plan. Join us as we delve into the remarkable journey of SDF, tracing its evolution from a dedicated team of volunteers to an organization committed to fostering sustainable development worldwide.  

At its core, the mission of SDF in Yemen is to provide sustainable, high-quality humanitarian assistance to all segments of society, in accordance with the humanitarian rights-based approach. In like manner, SDF has evolved into focusing on improving response to poverty, community livelihood, education, food security, and health by providing safe environments for the most vulnerable people, enhancing healthy systems in respective communities, contributing to achieving food security and empowering children and youth economically with a special focus on the role of women in society 

Our Partnership 

We became partners in 2020, to engage youth participants as active members of society. Jointly, we ensure that they have access to quality education, through Aflatoun’s standard curriculum for 6–14-year-olds, which has slowly equipped them with key Social and Financial Skills necessary to carve a positive impact in their communities.  

SDF chose to partner with Aflatoun, as the organisation provides social and financial education to millions of children all over the world, nurturing a better and sustainable future  

Within the community, members are extremely proud of the “Little Merchant” event, held in the family centre in Sana’a. Prior to this event, the youth were trained in SFE and as a result, they practised saving part of their pocket money to carry out a successful project. They used these savings to make cakes, sweets and pastries for the “Little Merchant Bazar” event. During the event, the youth sold their products to increase their savings and continue their Social and Financial Education activities.  

The National Day for Yemeni Coffee 

In a small community, there was a Social and Financial Education programme implemented by SDF. The programme aimed to empower youth aged 12 to 14 by providing them with knowledge about social and financial matters. The success story of the SFE program unfolded through the transformative experiences of the participating youth.  

As the youth underwent the SFE training, they were motivated to develop creative ideas and improve their life skills. They gained a deeper understanding of their rights and responsibilities as members of society and became more aware of important social issues, including environmental concerns. 

Together, they embarked on a project to prepare for the national day celebration dedicated to Yemeni Coffee. Students from five selected schools formed students’ councils and took responsibility for the project. First, they cleaned and prepared areas around their school playgrounds for planting coffee trees. The young participants displayed great enthusiasm and commitment to the task. They worked diligently, ensuring the designated areas were suitable for the trees to thrive. Once the preparations were complete, the youth planted the coffee trees and diligently watered them on a daily basis. They understood the importance of nurturing the trees for their growth and future yield. 

The impact of the SFE program and its Aflatoun programmes became evident during the National Day for Yemeni Coffee event. The participating youth actively took part in the celebration, displaying their newfound knowledge and passion. Their engagement and enthusiasm impressed both SDF staff and schoolteachers who attended the event, equipped the youth with essential knowledge, enhanced their life skills, and raised their awareness about social and environmental matters. By actively engaging in community initiatives, the youth can become agents of change, contributing to a better future for themselves and their community.