Partner of the week: Tahfeez Association for Entrepreneurship and Development, Jordan

Funded in 2019, the Tahfeez Association for Entrepreneurship and Development has been making significant progress in Jordan towards its mission of developing leadership capabilities, achieving sustainable development, serving local communities, and creating volunteer opportunities for innovative ideas. 


Our Partnership 

 In 2023, the organisation entered a partnership with Aflatoun, a decision driven by the shared goal of providing comprehensive attention to various aspects not found in other organisations. This partnership aims to enhance Tahfeez’s efforts in fostering positive change in the community. 


Shaping Young Minds with Aflatot’s Guide 

Tahfeez Association for Entrepreneurship and Development chose the Aflatot curriculum to social and financial education for children (3-6 years old) as part of their curriculum. This decision reflects their commitment to addressing the specific needs of their community, especially in Irbid, where a significant portion of the population comprises, Syrian refugees facing economic challenges and poverty. 


The Importance of Social and Financial Education in Irbid 

In Irbid, where Tahfeez operates, one-third of the population consists of Syrian refugees grappling with economic crises. The dire situation has led to issues like child labour and early marriages. Recognising the urgency to address these challenges, Tahfeez views social and financial education as crucial for empowering the community, breaking the cycle of poverty, and providing opportunities for a brighter future. 


Aflatot Curriculum in Action 

Tahfeez is particularly proud of its implementation of the Aflatot curriculum. This programme focuses on teaching reading and arithmetic through play, emphasising the Labib programme. Through this initiative, Tahfeez strives to equip children with essential life skills that will contribute to their overall development. 


Transforming Lives Through Social and Financial Education 

One remarkable success story from Tahfeez’s engagement with the Aflatot curriculum involves a group of children who, despite the challenging circumstances they face, demonstrated remarkable progress in their cognitive and social skills. Through engaging and interactive sessions, these children not only improved academically but also developed a sense of empowerment and self-confidence. 

Tahfeez Association for Entrepreneurship and Development’s collaboration with Aflatoun is a source of encouragement, illustrating how strategic partnerships and innovative educational programmes can positively impact communities, especially those facing significant economic and social challenges. Through their shared commitment to education and empowerment, Tahfeez and Aflatoun are laying the foundation for a better future for Jordan.