Partner of the Week: TC Youth Laboratory Cooperative

12 years ago, TC Youth Laboratory Cooperative was funded in the Philippines with the mission to educate and train the youth on the importance of financial literacy. Moreover, they aim to train young people in the management and operations of cooperatives and to conduct activities that help them develop the habit of savings. 

TC Youth Laboratory Cooperative implements youth programmes that empower youth and serves as a space where young people can foster their individual expertise, talents and entrepreneurial skills.  

The unique aspect of the Cooperative is that they showcase the talent of youth members and educate them on how to manage their finances. They teach young people how to save and spend wisely and provide them with training, seminars, fun activities that will enhance their skills. What is more, they give the youth awards when they show good saving habits and good leadership. The organisation focuses on financial literacy because nowadays youth are not aware on how to spend and save their money wisely and they need to also learn about Life Skills and social responsibility.  

In order to achieve their mission, TC Youth Laboratory Cooperative conducts a financial literacy training and social activities, including best practices, creative and thematic learning sessions every year. By doing this, they are able to provide active, fun and enriching experiences that challenge yet inspire students, parents and teachers to be active in promoting cooperating as a way of life. 


Our Partnership  

TC Youth Laboratory Cooperative chose to partner with Aflatoun International because of the holistic approach to financial inclusion. They believe that the Aflatoun programme helps children to become more responsible and become capable to manage their own finances. 

Currently, they have been implementing the Aflatoun curriculum, to provide children from the age of 6 with social and financial education (SFE). They appreciate that the curricula help children understanding themselves and how each and every one of them is unique.  

What appealed them about the Aflatoun programmes were both the social and financial aspect. The most appealing element however, is that teaching financial literacy is a valuable skill that all children should have. This makes the Aflatoun partnership remarkable and unique among all others because a child growing up with the awareness of how to handle money and resources wisely, will help build a responsible citizen, a potential leader and an economically-oriented society in the near future. 

TC Youth Laboratory Cooperative believes that SFE is a great contribution to the community because through the Aflatoun programme they are able to reach and empower children who will be the future hope of their country.  


“The Youth are the Front Liners in Achieving a Sustainable Future for Co-ops” 

When TC Youth Laboratory Cooperative launched the partnership with Aflatoun, there were 7 partner schools that implemented the programme. Eventually, through a strong commitment in supporting the ideals of youth, many schools wanted to take part in the programme. Now, TC Youth Laboratory Cooperative reached 48 partner schools in different divisions of the region and have a total savings deposit of 28 million Philippine Pesos of February 2022. Increasing the number of schools was not a hard task for TC Youth Laboratory, as the activities provided are so varied and interesting that schools are keen on participating.