Partner of the Week: Teach for Colombia, Colombia

Teach for Colombia is committed to ensuring that every child and young person in Colombia has access to quality education. Founded with the vision of maximising the potential of all students, Teach for Colombia implements the educational model of Teach for All, which places exceptional leaders in classrooms to make a positive impact on students and communities. 


Our Partnership and Curriculum Implementation 


Teach for Colombia’s collaboration with Aflatoun International underscores its dedication to holistic education, including financial literacy. Through joint initiatives like the “Mi Bolsillo al Aula” project, Teach for Colombia integrates Aflatoun’s curriculum, which empowers students with essential financial skills and knowledge.  


Impact and Aim 


42% of women in the world are outside the formal financial system and do not have a bank account or other basic tools to manage their money. This level of low access to the formal financial system is repeated in Colombia, where only 25% of the population claims to have a savings account. Furthermore, according to PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) tests, Colombia was the OECD country with the lowest financial education. 


The primary goal of Teach for Colombia is to equip students with the necessary tools to succeed academically, socially, and economically. By focusing on academic competencies, socio-emotional skills, and socio-occupational guidance, Teach for Colombia aims to foster well-rounded individuals capable of thriving in the 21st-century world. Through initiatives like “Mi Bolsillo al Aula” (My Pocket to the Classroom”) Teach for Colombia seeks to instil financial literacy among students, empowering them to make informed decisions and positively influence their communities. 


Inspiring story from Yosmen  


One inspiring success story from Teach for Colombia shows the organisation’s commitment to empowering students through financial education. Yosmen Eslava, a dedicated teacher at the Instituto Técnico Empresarial Crecer y Construir in Piedecuesta, Santander, spearheaded a project alongside his 3rd-grade students. Together, they organised a community fair to showcase their entrepreneurial ventures, demonstrating the practical application of financial literacy skills learned through initiatives like “Mi Bolsillo al Aula.” This success story highlights the tangible impact of Teach for Colombia’s efforts in equipping students with essential life skills. 


In conclusion, Teach for Colombia’s partnership with Aflatoun International and its implementation of initiatives like “Mi Bolsillo al Aula” exemplify its commitment to providing quality education and empowering students to succeed in the world. Through innovative approaches and dedicated educators like Yosmen Eslava, Teach for Colombia continues to make a positive impact on students and local communities.