Partner of the Week: The Most Holy Rosary Multi-Purpose Cooperative in Times of COVID-19

The Most Holy Rosary Multi-Purpose Cooperative is a growing cooperative NGO, located in Rizal, Philippines. Their motto is: Building a better future together, which they work to achieve by providing a variety of programmes and services that address the economic, social and cultural needs of its members. The cooperative’s focus is to empower its members with the necessary tools to become autonomous members of society, and to prepare the next generation of cooperative leaders to share their growth with future participants. This ensures the sustainability of the communities’ access to social and financial education and support, leading to long lasting positive change.  

The Most Holy Rosary Multi-Purpose Cooperative offers: 

    • Saving initiatives: secured deposits to be withdrawn depending on what kind of saving members are interested in
    • Social and financial education: Aflatoun curricula
    • Loans: multipurpose, micro, housing, personal, business
    • An online platform for sellers and couriers to do business.

Partnership with Aflatoun 

The Most Holy Rosary Multi-Purpose Cooperative has been in partnership with Aflatoun International since 2017, by means of Aflatoun’s partnership with NATCCO Network. This February, The Most Holy Rosary Multi-Purpose Cooperative started using Aflatoun curriculum to teach children of all ages the power of social and financial education, and to instil in them the habit of saving. Since, they have reached over 9000 children and youth, and their cooperative members have earned over 16 million pesos in savings. 

Click here to learn more about the Most Holy Rosary Multi-Purpose Cooperative’s partnership with Aflatoun, see our feature of them as partner of the week earlier this year!