Partner of the Week: The Paniamor Foundation

The Paniamor Foundation, a non-profit Costa Rican NGO, focuses its efforts on the development and institutionalisation of cost-effective social technologies to meet challenges in the field of its specialty, identified as a priority of the country. Paniamor first implemented Aflateen in its computer club programme in 2010, when it joined forces with Aflatoun.

In 2014 they joined the Aflatot global pilot, with the launch of the Recreating Value Model, built with the National Directorate CENCINAI, the Coopeservidores partners and the Business Partnership for Development. The Model is being implemented in national nurseries of the Ministry of Health through the offices of CENCINAI.

This public-private partnership has made it possible to share this innovative proposal of socio-economic training for children between the ages of 3 and 6, teaching them solidarity, responsible and sustainable use of personal, communal and environmental resources. Recreating Value is developed under the premise that underage persons, from an early age, have the right to access training spaces aimed at developing appropriate knowledge, skills, and performance, enabling them to make responsible and fair management and investment of personal, social, financial and environmental resources they have.