Partner of the Week: Thubutu Africa Initiatives

Since 2014, Thubutu Africa Initiatives (TAI) has been working in Tanzania to create lasting social and economic changes within the society. In fact, they believe that change is possible through community-driven processes and the mental liberation of individuals and groups.  

What makes TAI unique is its philosophy and goal to empower people to shift their mindset, so as to transition from total dependence to independenceAs a means to reach their goal, Thubutu Africa Initiatives regards education as a source of knowledge that can lead to effective change. Therefore, it is fundamental to further education in all realms, including health, economy, and children and young people’s rights.

As part of their activities, Thubutu Africa Initiatives has been implementing projects on children and young people’s Life Skills through a gender perspective, naming it SAFE SCHOOL FOR ALL. The project includes economic empowerment as one of the core life skills children and youth need. Moreover, they have implemented programmes in the area of Health and Nutrition.  

Our Partnership  

Thubutu Africa Initiatives decided to partner with Aflatoun International in 2018. Deciding to implement the Aflateen+ curriculum, TAI was very proud that the local government accepted to use the programme in a pilot research project aiming at applying the National Action Plan on Ending Violence Against Women and Children in Shinyanga District, where Thubutu Africa Initiatives works. Within this project, TAI uses Aflateen+ in schools to provide children with Life Skills education.  

They decided to partner with Aflatoun because the content provided is simple, clear and creative. The delivery methods of Aflatoun curricula are very interactive, hence interesting for children and all other users of the materials. What is more, the Social Franchise Model is very appreciated as it allows the partner to have jurisdiction over the programme as well.  

Thubutu Africa Initiatives believes that implementing Social and Financial Education programmes is fundamental because knowing about one’s own money is important. The whole community can benefit from learning how to gain money, spend or save it and avoid any risks of overspending, debts or other financial issues.  


A Family Agribusiness to support Rehema’s Studies 

Children need not only learn Life Skills, but they also need financial literacy as they complement each other. That is what Thubutu Africa Initiatives is doing, by taking a unique role in Shinyanga District to promote financial education inclusion in development programmes, which is a rare aspect to most local organisations. The introduction of financial enterprises into vulnerable households through their children and young people is one of the key aspects of the National Action Plan for Ending Violence Against Women and Children (NPA-VAWC) in Tanzania. Stemming from this programme, the family of Rehema* was able to set up an agribusiness enterprise and therefore increase their financial income, which helped support Rehema through her secondary school studies in a special talent school.