Partner of the Week: Vinnytsia City Council

The Department of Education of Vinnytsia City Council is an institution that has been working for 12 years to provide free and accessible education for every child in Ukraine. Young individuals in Vinnytsia actively participate in community life and make informed decisions, thanks to the principles of responsibility and active engagement also instilled by the Aflatoun programmes. During global challenges and the need for rebuilding, the Department of Education of Vinnytsia City Council recognizes the importance of nurturing well-educated, financially literate, and socially active children. 


Our partnership 

In 2019, the Department of Education of Vinnytsia City Council partnered with Aflatoun. This collaboration has been instrumental in bringing social and financial education to the forefront of their educational initiatives. Vinnytsia holds the distinction of being the first city in Ukraine to implement Aflatoun Programmes. These programmes have been integrated into the educational fabric, beginning with Aflatot in kindergartens and progressing to Aflatoun and Aflateen in schools. This seamless transition ensures that children continue to build on their financial and social literacy skills as they progress through their educational journey. 

The mission of the Vinnytsia City Council lies in creating conditions that foster the studying, upbringing, and development of every child, regardless of their race, religion, financial status, or physical abilities. Inclusive classes have become the norm in their kindergartens and schools, where children with disabilities and special educational needs receive the support and knowledge they need for a successful adulthood. 


“BlackCherry” and “Ecograss”: Successful Enterprises 

One of the department’s proudest initiatives has been the spread of social entrepreneurship within their community. The inspiring story of a student team that established a school photo-video studio called “BlackCherry” is an example. This entrepreneurial project not only empowers students with practical skills but also creates a space for artistic expression. 

In the village school of their community, students initiated a school social enterprise known as “Ecograss” for cultivating microgreens. This teaches students about social entrepreneurship and promotes an environmentally friendly product. Additionally, students have opened school garbage sorting stations, contributing to a cleaner and greener community. 

In total, the community of Vinnytsia boasts seven school social enterprises, two of which are in rural areas, underlining their commitment to inclusive development. 


From Education to Action 

In Vinnytsia, social and financial education is about learning and putting that knowledge into practice. Their Budget of School Projects competition has allocated over 110 thousand euros from the community budget, empowering young people to implement projects that enhance infrastructure, promote education, and address social issues like bullying.  

Another tool for student engagement is the “Ekovector” competition, where students compete for funds to implement their environmental projects. Over three years, approximately 25.000€ have been allocated from the public budget for 24 projects, including eco-bags, tree planting, and energy-saving technologies. 

Even in times of war, the youth of Vinnytsia are stepping up as responsible citizens. They organize volunteer centres, sports tournaments, and fundraising activities to support the Ukrainian army, aid displaced persons, and provide for orphans. This results from a commitment to financial and social education, resulting in conscious and responsible young people actively shaping their community’s future. The Department of Education of Vinnytsia City Council exemplifies how social and financial education can empower youth to become active contributors to society