Partner of the week: Visos

Visos is a Peru-based organisation that helps to design and implement education programmes throughout Peru. They joined the Aflatoun International partner network in 2008, as one of the first organisations in Latin America.

Relationship building

Visos works closely with governmental officials and private sector organisations to ensure better cooperation. They advocate for including economic citizenship in school curriculum and have worked with the Ministry of Education and private sector organisations like Citibank, Grupo Sura and Municipal Cash Federation to implement Aflatoun International curriculum throughout Peru.

Developing citizens

In 2017, Visos created a new programme called VIVA Vive Valores (Live Value). The programme aims to develop responsible citizen competencies in children and adolescents. They do this by working with teachers, directors and using active and cooperative learning methodologies.

The VIVA programme uses Aflatoun International supplements on the environment and tailored supplement on healthy living. The programme is in 40 schools, 623 teachers and 40 principals have been trained and 17,000+ students have been reached.

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