Partner of the Week: Wona Sanana

Wona Sanana Association is a non-governmental organisation in Mozambique, which was established in 2003. “Wona Sanana” means “To See, To Care and To Protect Children”. The organisation´s main focus is on Early Childhood Development and Education (ECDE).

In 2008, Wona Sanana launched the first pilot of social and financial education for children and young people, until then the concept was little explored in the curricula of Primary and Secondary Education. As children and adolescents had lacking social and financial skills, Wona Sanana started testing the Aflatoun programme in 16 primary schools located in the Inhambane province (Jangamo district). Following its successful completion, Wona Sanana expanded the Aflatoun programme to two further provinces, Gaza and Maputo (Chókwé and Changalane districts) reaching another 15 primary schools.  At the beginning of 2016, the first Aflatot classes were given at five pre-schools.