Partner of the Week: WORDS, Pakistan

The “Reformist’s Social Welfare and Development Organization” (WORDS) has dedicated 15 years to its mission in Pakistan. Committed to promoting humanitarian response and sustainable development, WORDS works for a future where communities can freely develop, basic facilities are easily accessible, and human rights are upheld with consistent equality and fairness. Their focus on Humanitarian Aid, Youth and Women Empowerment, and Access to Basic Rights becomes evident as they collaborate closely with the community. 


Partnership with Aflatoun 

Starting in 2021, WORDS formed a partnership with Aflatoun, aiming to improve children’s education and equip them with financial literacy. Through this collaboration, WORDS has taken a significant step toward advancing the cause of social and financial education in Pakistan. By initiating training sessions for teachers in government sectors, WORDS ensures that children are educated according to the aims and objectives of Aflatoun, thereby building a more financially capable and responsible generation. 


The Purpose of WORDS 

In a country like Pakistan, where a significant proportion of the population struggles with poverty, social and financial education takes on heightened importance. WORDS understands that providing individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to manage their finances, make informed investment decisions, and develop savings habits can be transformative. Such skills serve as a means for individuals to rise above the poverty line and create a path toward economic stability and upward mobility. Social and Financial Education empowers individuals economically, promotes financial inclusion, fosters entrepreneurship, and nurtures responsible citizens. By equipping individuals with these skills and knowledge, WORDS is contributing to the building of a more equitable Pakistan. 


Empowering Children and Communities 

In a marginalised urban community in Pakistan, WORDS implemented the programme by Aflatoun in local schools. The goal was to empower children through social and financial education through interactive lessons, group activities, and first-hand experiences, students learned about budgeting, saving, entrepreneurship, and the importance of social responsibility.  

 Inspired by the programme, a group of students decided to launch a small business within their community. They created and sold handmade crafts, such as jewellery and artwork, using their creativity and entrepreneurial skills. The students gained first-hand experience in economic management, marketing, and teamwork through their business. The students soon began generating income. They learned about profit margins, cost management, and reinvesting their earnings. Most importantly, they decided to donate a portion of their profits to a local charity, demonstrating their understanding of social responsibility and giving back to the community. The community saw the students’ ambition and began supporting their businesses, leading to increased economic activity in the area. The students’ initiative inspired others, fostering a culture of entrepreneurship and financial empowerment.  

This success story shows how social and financial education programmes, such as ones offered by WORDS and in collaboration with Aflatoun, can have a transformative impact on children and their communities. By instilling financial literacy, entrepreneurial skills, and social responsibility, these programmes empower children, foster economic growth, and promote positive social change.