Partner of the Week: World Vision Ethiopia

World Vision is a Christian organization working with vulnerable children since the 1950s. Its first engagement in Ethiopia dates back to the 1980s when the organisation helped the Ethiopian community to cope with the famine. Nowadays, World Vision’s work in Ethiopia contributes to the well-being of vulnerable children in partnership with the church, civil society and the government.

World Vision’s programmes implementation aims to address the strategic and basic needs of children while supporting and building families and communities capacity. As part of this overall vision, in November 2013, World Vision-Ethiopia formed a partnership with Aflatoun International for the implementation of Social and Financial Education. Since then, World Vision-Ethiopia has been one of Aflatoun International’s key allies in Ethiopia.

As part of this collaboration, World Vision-Ethiopia implements Aflatoun and Aflateen programmes in formal schools and non-formal school settings. The partner organisation implements Aflatoun programmes as part of their development programmes which are coordinated by World Vision country offices located in various Ethiopian regions (namely Oromia, Amhara, Tigray, SNNRP and Addis Ababa).

World Vision-Ethiopia has been able to reach more than 42,768 children (21,958 boys and 20,810 girls) in 460 primary and secondary schools and 16 non-formal education centres.
Furthermore, the organisation’s members received training in order to understand how to deliver the programme. In fact, the Aflatoun International child-centred methodology helps them to effectively connect with youngsters and actively engage them in the activities.

Thanks to a combined approach between social and financial education, World Vision-Ethiopia has provided children and teenagers with the opportunity to build self-confidence, promote collaboration and, last but not least, understand the value of resources they have at hand and how to use them appropriately.