Partnering for change: Haiti

In June 2020, we signed an agreement with the Central Bank of Haiti and the Ministry of Education in Haiti.

This five-year partnership aims to help develop and deliver social and financial education to children and young people throughout Haiti.

The First National Financial Education Plan, intends to encourage saving behaviours among individuals and families. It aims to introduce financial education in the school system and hopes to reach entrepreneurs and smallholder farmers and rural people, vulnerable populations, migrants and their families, and all active users of the financial system in general.

The plan focuses on six key areas:

  • Establishment of a tool allowing to coordinate and maintain a solid community that ensures quality financial education in Haiti;
  • Launch financial education in schools and universities – training teachers to provide children and youth, with an emphasis on girls and young women;
  • Promote financial skills among micro-entrepreneurs, considered one of the main engines of the economy;
  • Reach vulnerable populations, with particular attention to women living in precarious conditions;
  • Reach migrants who send remittances and their families, with special attention to women, with the aim of strengthening their planning and resilience skills;
  • Consumer empowerment and protection of users of financial services.

′′We are happy to join this important initiative and contribute to a shared mission to promote quality life skills and financial education for children and youth in Haiti, training them to make positive change for a sustainable future. 

Aflatoun International will provide technical support, development of capabilities and collaboration for the implementation into national schools. All working to help achieve sustainable development goals, including poverty reduction,′′ Roeland Monasch, CEO, Aflatoun International.