Partnership for better achievement in Ethiopia.

Aflatoun International and Save the Children, country office Ethiopia, entered into a partnership for the delivery of Social and Financial Education for youth under USAID’S ‘Building the Potential of Youth’ program.

Save the Children International in collaboration with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is implementing a five-year program that promotes social and employment opportunities for young Ethiopians to positively contribute to the betterment of the society. USAID’S ‘Building the Potential of Youth’ program focuses on under- and unemployed Ethiopian youth between the age of 15-29 both in rural areas and towns to attain skills, knowledge, and social capital that lead to increased income and long-term economic self-sufficiency. The goal will be achieved by bringing stakeholders together: young people, technical training institutions (TTIs), private sector companies, ministries and governmental agencies. The program plans to directly reach 34,537 youth in six regions of Ethiopia, assisting them to escape the cycle of poverty.

Aflatoun is a worldwide movement that provides social and financial education to children and young people. The Aflatoun educational programs aimed at helping young people to think critically, learn about rights and responsibilities and gain financial knowledge and skills that will enable them to achieve their dream.

Save the Children International will use Aflateen curriculum to provide the youth with social, financial and entrepreneurship skills that are required to succeed in the competitive world of career.

Aflatoun International and its Master Trainer’s in Ethiopia has provided training of Trainers and youth facilitators for Save the Children International between November 2015-April, 2016. 36 Youth facilitators that are drawn from the intervention areas of the project have been trained by Aflatoun’s Regional Master Trainers in Ethiopia. The Master Trainers have also conducted a 2-day workshop on the contextualization of Aflateen curriculum to local context. Save the Children is in the process of translating Aflateen Manual to five local languages of Ethiopia, Oromifa, Amharic, Tigrigna, Afar’Af, Af’Somali.