Plan International Jordan – Partner of the Week

Setting the scene

Jordan is home to a large number of people that have been forced to flee conflict and live far away from their home.

Gender inequality, abuse, child labour and limited access to education, are pressing issues for those living in Jordan. The international response has struggled to keep up with the needs.

Plan International began working in Jordan in 2016, focusing on the key issues faced by the most vulnerable children, especially girls, among refugee and host communities.


Focus areas

Plan International Jordan concentrates on 3 main areas:

  • Ensuring the most vulnerable children have access to quality education
  • Preventing violence and exploitation and supporting children who are survivors of abuse
  • Helping young people gain the skills and knowledge they need to get jobs

Furthermore, they support early childhood development and opportunities to learn in safe and inclusive, formal and informal settings.


Partnering for success

Plan International Jordan partnered with Aflatoun International in 2017 and is currently implementing the Aflatot (3-6 years old), Aflatoun (6-14 years old), and Aflateen (14-18 years old) curriculum.

Aflatot: Aflatot curriculum will be used at two municipal children centres. Children will attend classes and their parents will attend parallel parent-to-parent sessions to help reinforce the curriculum.

Aflatoun: Aflatoun curriculum will be used in informal education activities to support children transitioning to formal education and/or protect them from dropping out.

Children who graduate from the Aflatoun program at age 18, will be introduced to Aflateen program as ambassadors of change in their communities.

Aflateen: This program will introduce the financial literacy component and complimentary engagement education.


Trainer feedback

Those attending the program training were very positive about the curriculum and even learned a few things themselves. Nisreen Jaber, attending the Aflatot training said, “Now I understand that saving does not exclusively mean money. I can also save by watching my water and electricity usage. I also learned how important is it to allocate a household budget.”

The trainers also expressed their appreciation about learning how to recycle small things inside their home and most importantly, teaching children social skills, like sharing with their peers at school.


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