Pleading for Equal Opportunities

India has a caste system that divides people into different castes/ groups. This caste is given to people by birth. Regarding whether you’re from an upper or lower caste, both can live below Poverty Line (BPL), meaning families have an income less than $1,90 per head.

Pramod is a 13-year-old boy who is attending the 8th grade in Primary School in Ratanpur, Jharkhand, India. Pramod and his family belong to the upper caste, however, they fall into the category Below Poverty Line (BPL).

In his school, many students receive scholarships by the government as this is a policy decision that all students from primary government schools who fall under Below Poverty Line (BPL) irrespective of caste, have the right to receive scholarship.

Unfortunately, Pramod and many other students who fall into upper caste BPL category were deprived of this scholarship opportunity and were devastated about this taken-away opportunity.

However, the school’s administration has given priority to the children of the lower caste against the children from upper caste, despite belonging to the below poverty line (BPL) category.

Within the last year, the Alfatoun Program led by MelJol has taught the students about their equal rights. The programme has boosted the confidence of the children to raise their voices against the wrongdoers and claim their rights.

Pramod has started a small battle against the administration and claims for the scholarship.  Many students among them Aflatoun’s members, have joined him to fight for their right of scholarship. Currently, there is an ongoing battle and hence, we have to wait and see whether Pramod and Aflatoun’s club members are going to achieve what they claim for.