Running the New York Marathon for Aflatoun International

Dirk-Jan Maas, owner of the consultancy agency HouVast advice & interim, is going to run the New York Marathon on November 5 this year. Together with his son Valentijn he will run 42 kilometer through Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, Staten Island and Manhattan.

But they will not only run for themselves, they will also run for Aflatoun International. Recently, Dirk-Jan set some life goals for himself and one of it is raising a lot of money for a foundation. So he decided to combine this goal with the goal of running the marathon and chose Aflatoun International as his foundation. He believes in the importance of education and especially in combining social with financial education in one curriculum.

Fifteen years ago, Dirk-Jan planned to run the marathon before he turned 40, but getting prepared for a marathon takes a lot of time and effort. Now he finally has the time to do it and forms a great team with his son. They are really determined and doing everything to make it possible this year in November.

Dirk-Jan is already able to run 10 kilometer and will start soon with his training schedule for the half marathon. From April on, a running coach is going to help him to get to the 42km he needs to run in New York. So he is ready for this challenge! And you can help Dirk-Jan to reach his lifegoal of collecting a big amount of money for a foundation. You can do this by donating for Aflatoun International on this website. Every euro helps and will go to social and financial education for children and young people all around the world!

You can also follow Dirk-Jan on his way to the marathon on his Facebook page