Scale Up & Reach Out: Education in Asia

Asia Regional Online Meeting 20 October 2020

During the pandemic, we learned a lot about how we can use technology to continue our service to children and young people and how we can strengthen our network. In this regard, the first event will deal with the topics; scaling up with quality using digital learning and reaching out to the most vulnerable children in Asia.

The first Regional Online Meeting will be held on Tuesday, Oct 20, 2020, at 10.00 –13.00.

Scale Up with Quality
During this topic, Aflatoun Regular Teacher Training program will be introduced. Participants will discuss some of the challenges and how to tackle them. They will also share success stories and their enabling factors. This topic will be discussed together with some of our partner organisations; NATCCO (National Confederation of Cooperatives) Philippine, Be Better China and BRAC Bangladesh.

Reaching Out to the Most Vulnerable Children
Participants will introduce their Aflatoun program and its impact. They will discuss some of the challenges and ways to overcome them. We will tell success stories and discuss what made them possible.

Our partner organisations; Primary Education Project Pakistan, Humana Child Aid Society Malaysia, Children International SAHAY Kolkota India will be present at the meeting. They all use our curriculum to reach out to the vulnerable and marginalised children in remote and poverty-stricken regions.

Join us Tuesday 20 October for this live event on Youtube!