Solidarity Youth Voluntary Organization (SOYVO)

Solidarity Youth Voluntary Organization (SOYVO) is a Somaliland National, Non Profit registered NGO whose mandate is to promote the country’s development agenda in regard to youth and women economic empowerment, human rights, peace building and conflict resolution to create enabling environment for development, advocate for good governance and gender equity.

SOYVO has operated in eastern regions of Somaliland since 2003, where we are the leading youth-led development action. Each year we train and support 50 -100 young peer educators to lead community development initiatives engaging 5000-10,000 young people. Our vision is to see young people taking a leadership role in addressing the most urgent issues facing the region and the world, supported by their communities, civil society, government and businesses. Our mission is to place young people at the forefront of development.

SOYVO possesses the largest youth center in Somaliland to link public officials and youth in Burao, and they are now comfortable engaging with one another on important issues to empower young democracy activists in Somaliland with practical skills and knowledge in order to make them more effective in promoting democracy in the region and to prepare them for future governance roles.

SOYVO exists to contribute positively to the society and engage in activities that cater to the needs of Somali youth and to promote positive behavior change amongst the youth through advocacy empowerment, partnership and recourse/mobilization for the eradication of HIV/AIDS and lack of human rights in the region.

SOYVOs education mandate is to improve the quality of education, to facilitate the communication in different schools in the country, to provide assistance to any organization or body that is engaged in voluntary educational activities, to reduce the rate of illiteracy in the society and, to create student union information sharing systems through debates, meetings, and Newsletter production. SOYVO offers Social and financial education for children and young people empowering them to make positive change. Aflatoun + Aflateen programs, offers Social & financial education to children. Empower children and young people to believe them selves, known their rights and responsibilities understand practice saving & spending and start their own enter price