SOS Children’s Villages Lebanon

SOS Children’s Villages Lebanon, founded in 1964, is a non-governmental non-profit social development association, and a member of the International Federation of SOS Children’s Villages. Through its family-based care programme, the association supports vulnerable and disadvantaged children who have been deprived of parental care. In addition, SOS Children’s Villages Lebanon contributes to the prevention of child abandonment through the Family Strengthening Programme (FSP).


In 2018, due to the Syrian crisis, an Education in Emergencies project was initiated within the Bekaa region in Lebanon. The project targets disadvantaged Lebanese children and youth, as well as Syrian displaced children and youth, offering innovative and up scaled curricula of education, mental health, and psychosocial support through up-to-date digital components.

Furthermore, AFLATOUN curricula were introduced to empower the targeted children and youth, as well as to build their capacities on social and financial skills. The targeted children will learn how to be pioneers in their own communities and surroundings, as well as income generators by developing, implementing and expanding their own financial activities or businesses.



The project will be officially launched during January 2019 within a Vocational and eLearning Centre, which will be offering AFLATOUN curricula as a major component, in support of the different Vocational Training courses. The Vocational Training courses will provide basic literacy and numeracy, basic digital skills, as well as other major components of Social Entrepreneurship and Peace Building. Thus, a holistic approach is being ensured to the attending and targeted youth.



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