Students Lab Italia Association – The Creation of Mini-Companies

Students Lab Italia Association is a non-profit organisation which is a network of schools, students and companies to promote economic and financial education, managerial culture, and creativity and thereby, supporting the employability of the next generations. The Association’s mission is to link the world of studies with the world of work, providing professional experiences among young students to bring out vocational skills. The Association implements the Students Lab Training Programme in Italy and abroad which are trainings on the creation and management of mini- companies in school environments, following the methodology “learning by doing”.  


Mini-companies are recognised in Europe as one of the best strategies for promoting entrepreneurship. Mini-companies are companies that educate students of the processes, functions, and objectives of a real company. The students learn and enhance their vocational skills for instance in leadership, decision-making, teamwork and problem-solving. At the end of the project, the students participate in fairs and competitions, where they can show the result of their hard work and compare themselves with other students. The best mini-companies compete in the regional and national competitions and go up to the international competition which involves the participation of the best Italian and foreign laboratories.


The Students Lab Italy Association joined Aflatoun International as Aflatoun’s vision and mission match completely with their own. Namely, the main purpose is to deliver social and financial education to millions of children and young people worldwide. The Aflatoun programme introduces the labour market to the young people of the Association and Italian schools, educating them of the chances and opportunities in the market, how to compete and become self-employed. Moreover, the Association believes in the positive influence of Aflatoun’s strong network of dedicated and passionate partners and supporters to effectively deliver social and financial education to every boy and girl.

The Students Lab Italy Association will initially focus on the Aflateen programmes as the main focus is on secondary schools and students aged between 14 and 19 years. The next step will be to extend the offer to primary schools, involving students aged between 9 and 14 in the Aflatoun programmes. The Association’s goal is to implement the Aflateen projects in the compulsory school curricula and integrating them in beneficiary schools.


“We believe in cultural exchange… the best educational value!”


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