TC Laboratory Cooperative (Tagum Cooperative)

Tagum Cooperative is one of the largest cooperatives in the Philippines. One of Tagum Coop’s aim is to introduce the concept of cooperativeness to the youth. Therefore, TC Laboratory Coop was established which focuses specifically on the youth under Tagum Cooperative guidance. The cooperative consists of committee members and a youth board of directors. The members of the cooperative learn how to be co-operators, manage and organise a regular cooperative as well as become financially literate by learning the values of money and saving. Moreover, every year a general assembly is held for the youth. Today, TC Laboratory Coop has 61,285 youth members and a total savings deposit of 118.1 Million Php.

The partnership with Aflatoun started in 2011 with 7 pioneering schools that generated within a year 2,511 youth members with a savings deposit of 513 thousand Php. Today, 46 schools from different cities are implementing Aflatoun programmes where together almost 28 thousands of youth members have a savings deposit of 25 Million Php. Already at a young age, these youth learn how to manage their finances. They learn the importance of financial management and how to manage money efficiently and effectively.


Aside from financial education, other activities are offered to the youth to enhance their skills, knowledge, and attitude and thus, to discover their strengths, creativity and team spirit. Examples of such activities are the summer youth camp, a symposium for the Aflatoun youth’s parents, contests, entrepreneurial seminars, team building activities, Aflatoun Day activities, school festivals and competitions of talents, dance crews, board games and many more.



Megan’s story

Megan Louise Millan, 10 years old and attending the 4thgrade said “Aflatoun has improved my academic and non-academic performance. I have become a math quiz champion. And became a wise spender, buying only priority items I need.”

Hannah’s story

Hannah Sophia Pasquito said she learned how to save for the future. “Aflatoun transformed me in many ways such as being creative.”


For more information about TC Laboratory Coop or Tagum Cooperative,  click here. To learn more about Aflatoun’s global social and financial education movement and how you can join us, click here.