The WISE Madrid Forum, ‘Imagining the Future of Education,’; start of the WISE Accelerator programme

On 3 November 2016 we launched our teacher-training platform which is piloting in 150 schools in Niger, Cameroon, Senegal, Madagascar and Tunisia. As well as a library of multi-media lesson plans, it offers 14 one-hour, self-study modules for teachers whom we have previously trained face-to-face. Within each module, the teacher reads some text, listens to an audio file, watches some animation or film footage and then takes a multiple choice quiz. Seven of the modules remind teachers how to use a range of active-learning methods. The others look at promoting gender-equity in the classroom, what the CRC says about quality education and how to organise children’s savings and enterprise activities. Learning Equality is the technical developer partner and designed the platform for both online and offline access. Orange Foundation provided pro bono Android tablets for teachers and the raspberry pi device functions as an offline server providing access to the platform in areas with no internet connectivity.

This project gains its momentum when selected as one of the five projects as part of the WISE Accelerator 2016-2017 programme.  The WISE Accelerator is a programme designed to support the development of innovative projects in the field of education. It relies on the expertise of qualified mentors and partners to provide projects with effective strategies and concrete support in order to ensure their development.