Making a Difference: Two Facilitators’ Journeys in India

Bridging the Gap – Krishna’s Experience

In the heart of Maharashtra’s Palghar district, Krishna, a dedicated district programme coordinator, orchestrates the implementation of multiple programmes aimed at empowering children through social and financial education. With initiatives like the Aflatoun programme under the Echidna Giving funded project and the project management programme supported by PMIEF, Krishna navigates every aspect of programme execution, from meticulous planning to team management.




Why Pursue Social Financial Education?

Krishna’s motivation stems from his deep-rooted connection to the community where he grew up. Having witnessed the disparities between rural and urban areas firsthand, he is driven by a desire to bridge the gap for children in his hometown. His aspiration is to provide them with the same opportunities and confidence to succeed as their urban counterparts. Moreover, Krishna relishes the diverse interactions his role entails, ranging from engaging with children and teachers to collaborating with stakeholders and the Aflatoun team.


Experience in the Project


Embarking on a research project was a new frontier for Krishna, marked by a journey of continual learning. Central to his experience was the art of detailed planning and adept project management to ensure adherence to timelines and objectives. Overcoming challenges, such as securing permissions, liaising with school authorities, and navigating accessibility issues, underscored the importance of adaptability and creativity in programme implementation. Krishna’s approach also prioritised incorporating interactive and play-based activities to engage children effectively, fostering an environment conducive to learning and growth.


Future Aspirations


Looking ahead, Krishna harbours a profound ambition to narrow the gap between rural and urban areas, particularly concerning children’s awareness of their rights and societal norms. He envisions a transformative shift in mindset, challenging entrenched beliefs and practices prevalent in the community. Recognising the time-intensive nature of societal change, Krishna remains steadfast in his commitment to sustained efforts, determined to catalyze lasting transformation one step at a time.

Krishna’s journey exemplifies the profound impact of dedicated individuals in driving positive change through education, underscoring the transformative power of social and financial education in empowering communities and shaping futures.



Empowering Communities: Swara’s Role

Swara is another dedicated facilitator entrusted with delivering lessons on social and financial education across multiple schools in the region.




Why Pursue Social Financial Education?

Swara’s passion for teaching children is the cornerstone of her role at MelJol, Aflatoun’s local partner in India. Her enthusiasm stems from the opportunity to impart knowledge and continually learn and grow through her work.

Although Swara boasts experience in the NGO sector and at MelJol, working with children of this age group posed a new challenge. Yet, she found solace in the well-crafted curriculum, tailored to the local context. Standout lessons on savings and community issue identification resonated deeply with Swara, who lauds the programme’s interactive and engaging teaching style. However, engaging parents and caregivers for seminars proved to be a formidable task, highlighting the need for concerted efforts to foster community involvement. Despite the challenges, Swara finds solace in the encouraging feedback from parents, who express a desire for the programme’s continuity in the district.


Future Aspirations

Looking ahead, Swara hopes to continue her role as a facilitator, driven by a commitment to impactful work. Striving for a better balance between her familial responsibilities and professional endeavors, she remains steadfast in her dedication to empowering children through education.

Swara’s journey exemplifies the profound impact of dedicated facilitators in shaping the educational landscape and fostering holistic growth among children, underscoring the transformative potential of social and financial education in nurturing future generations.