Youth Ready Accelerator Workshop in Guatemala

Aflatoun International attended Youth Ready Accelerator Workshop that was held in Guatemala from 24 April to 5 May 2017. Youth Ready is a project model that is being developed by World Vision for adolescents and youth. The project focuses on second chance literacy learning, life skills development, and livelihood preparation and support. It was prototyped and piloted in Rwanda and has been adapted for a number of contexts. From helping keep adolescent Zambian girl victims of gender-based violence in school to helping out-of-school youth vulnerable to violence and trafficking prepare for, find and succeed at work. There is also an optional set of integrated ICT sessions and learning activities designed in partnership with Intel and Microsoft. The project’s dual aim is to prepare youth to be ready for economic opportunity and to contribute to the wider good and care for others. Youth Ready projects provide out-of-school, low-literate youth with market-informed training and support in the L3 space – literacy, life skills and livelihood. Through a mix of training, activities, peer support, mentoring, linkages, internships, seed capital, and scholarships, Youth Ready projects prepare youth to succeed both at work and in life. In 2017 Youth Ready will be implemented in about ten World Vision programme countries, mostly in Africa and Central America. Most of these projects are new start-ups.

Aflatoun International is partnering with World Vision for the development of the Youth Ready curriculum by sharing years of curriculum development experience and its content from its core curriculum on Social and Financial Education for Youth – Aflateen.